Zaha Hadid’s only private residence looks like a spaceship

Zaha Hadid has hypnotized the world with her extravagant construction work. Her designs always stood out amongst the crown of boring concrete buildings. Even though, it has been two years since the untimely demise of the legend, however, the last of her unfinished projects are dazzling us once again upon completion.

In 2006, Russian real estate developer Vladislav Doronin who is the chairman and CEO of OKO Group as well as of luxury hotel group Aman Resorts, hired Zaha Hadid to design his house ‘Capital Hill Residence’ right outside of Moscow and the masterpiece is finally complete. Pine and birch trees, which rise up to 30 meters, encapsulate the facility. This is something completely different from her other projects which involved designing structures in urban areas.

Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid 4

The 36000 sq. ft. mansion seemed too good to be true at first when Hadid started mapping it out. However, the actual design matched the blueprints perfectly. At first glance, one might think that Zaha was on a quest to draw a spaceship. However, this dream house is anything but that. Upon Doronin’s request to be able to see above the trees when he looked out the window, the designer planned out the master bedroom such that it rises over 117 ft. making it the highest point of the house.

Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid 2 Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid 1

 A column connects the master bedroom with the rest of the main house  which is located at the bottom. Here, Doronin can enjoy various facilities like a 65 ft. long swimming pool, gym, a sauna and hammam and a gym. The building is also known to house a nightclub and a Japanese garden.

This $140 million home is Doronin’s dream come true. It captures everything he imagined in a house. Zaha Hadid has clearly exceeded expectations once again!

Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid 5 Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid 3

All Images: Courtesy of OKOGroup.com

h/t: Curbed

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