Zack Seckler unlocks the beauty of South Africa in his aerial photography series

Aerial photography is the new buzzword in the photography world and rightly so since the technique takes the craft of capturing the beauty of the world to a whole new level… literally. And, we do not know if any photographer has mastered this skill better than Zack Seckler. The photographer flew 2000 miles up across South Africa in the two-seater sports plane to capture the exceptionally mesmerizing exquisiteness of the country. Seckler managed to shoot herds of flamingos, sparkling water with just a turtle as its resident and gemsbok, too in his stunning series.

“From elevations between 50 and 500 feet, the landscape hovers on the line between things looking very real and recognizable and being more abstract,” said Seckler. “That’s what really draws me in—the line between reality and abstraction.”

ZackSeckler 02

ZackSeckler 08

ZackSeckler 06

ZackSeckler 07

ZackSeckler 11

ZackSeckler 01

ZackSeckler 09

ZackSeckler 03

ZackSeckler 10

ZackSeckler 05

All Images: © Zack Seckler via  ClampArt

Zack Seckler: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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