You don’t have to worry about cramped parking slots with Moveo’s Suitcase Scooter!

We all know that getting to the destination is not nearly as time consuming as finding a parking space is. While many of us just whine, Moveo Group has gone parking-free by innovating a suitcase scooter which can be folded up in half and carried along with an integrated handle. The 25 kg scooter has in-wheel motors in both of its wheels and can run up to 22 miles at a speed of 28 mph on a single battery charge. The scooter has a lavish leather seat which makes the ride extremely comfortable while the bright golden colour is certain to make it stand out in the traffic jam. The scooter costs £2,000 and is ready to hit the market.

Moveo is an electric scooter that can be folded up into two.

The electric scooter can be sped up to 28 mph.

It weighs only 25 kg and can be dragged along to anywhere you go.

Just one hour of charging can make Moveo cover 22 miles on the road!

The golden coloured scooter can make you go parking free for only £2,000.

Images by: Moveo

h/t: Daily Mail

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