Yoto smart speaker offers protected, interactive audio learning for kids

The Yoto Player is a free and interactive smart speaker, designed especially for kids. It contains a database of multiple audios that can be downloaded and then played. The device uses physical cards called NFC cards to contain the audios and to play them. Idealized by two parents to limit their kids’ screen-time and to ensure protection of the data and from the harms of the internet, the Yoto Player simply does not a not have a screen, a camera or a microphone.

Yoto Smart Speaker The body of Yoto smart speaker is simple, for kids to operate – yet modern and stylish, for adults to be attracted towards. It can be turned on or off using the two red knobs on the body of the speaker. The Yoto Player has a card slot, a speaker and a small display.

Yoto Payer The content cards are small and bite-sized and need to be slipped in to the card slot present on the top of the speaker, for the speaker to play the audio. These cards contain audios stored on Yoto’s servers, and these audios are downloaded whenever the cards are connected with the Player. The cards may also be customized by the users; this can be done by using blank cards and uploading audios to them. The cards provided contain audios in the categories; Music and Stories, Learning, Podcasts, Yoto Daily (updates about the weather and random poems for kids), Radio and Make your own (where kids and parents can upload homemade content).

Yoto Smart SpeakerThe display is super small and is only 16 x 16 pixels in dimensions. It helps to provide interactive learning and feedback; and may be showing a smiley face or the Yoto logo.

The Yoto Smart Speaker is charged wirelessly, by placing it on top of its wireless charging dock. The battery run-time, after being fully charged, is three hours.

The audios can be controlled by using the two push and twist buttons on the speaker.

Yoto Smart SpeakerThe Yoto Player contains a small Raspberry Pi computer, that uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and to download content. Despite offering internet connectivity, it also provides a great deal of protection from the malware on the internet by limiting the content available.

Yoto Smart SpeakerPentagram is selling the Yoto Player for a 107$ sale price. The daily audio content for the speaker is free; but there is an annual subscription that delivers new audio cards, to the buyer’s home for 94$.

Images: © Yoto Play

h/t: Fast Company

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