Would you dare to ride this swing literally at the edge of the world?

For all those adventurers who harbor a kid inside of them, Baños, Ecuador is the place to be. The thrill seekers can enjoy swing rides from an elevation of 2660 meters in the scenic location of the city.

The swing is placed in Casa del Arbol or “The Tree House” which is situated at the top of the green mountain in the city of Baños. It was originally installed by Carlos Sanchez, a volcanologist intern working with Military Geographical Institute. Sanchez used to come to this place to monitor volcanic activity of Tungurahua volcano, which is 8 kilometers away from Casa del Arbol and that is when he built a simple wooden swing which is now known as “the swing at the edge of the world”. However, the swing is not as dangerous as it sounds because it is suspended over a steep slope that only rolls down a distance of 100 feet. Moreover, the swing is not merely a wooden plank suspended through ropes anymore. It is now connected to a metal rod instead and also contains a fundamental seat belt to ensure the safety of the tourists.

So, would like to experience the adrenaline rush and an incredible view of the whole area by swinging at the very end of the world?

La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse), Ecuador

Ecuador, Casa del Arbol



the spectacular swing at la casa del arbol

Casa del Arbol

Swing at the End of the World

el columpio al fin del mundo

Tungurahua Volcano

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