World’s First Rotating Skyscraper is Coming to Dubai by 2020

Ever thought of witnessing a sunrise and sunset through the same window? Well, as curious as it sounds, now you can actually do so. Dubai, a place of man-made wonders, be it largest shopping mall, tallest building or largest man-made island, is now planning to infuse another wonder to its assemblage for enticing the tourists from all over the world – the world’s first ever spinning skyscraper. Fascinating, isn’t it? You are busy with your daily chores and simultaneously experiencing 3600 views.

A city full of innovative wonders which is planning to build world’s first hyperloop also is no stranger to cutting edge tech. Futuristic rotating skyscraper is a brainchild of an Israeli-Italian architect, David Fisher who first proposed it in 2008. Back then, the idea didn’t grab any consideration, but now the architect hopes that, if everything goes streamlined then the skyscraper will grace Dubai’s skyline by the year 2020. The 1,273ft skyscraper will feature 80 independently revolving stories.

According to architect, the inspiration for rotating skyscraper came from the Olympic tower in Manhattan. “I noticed that from a certain spot you could see the East River and the Hudson River, both sides of Manhattan”, said David. “That is when I thought to myself: Why don’t we rotate the entire floor?  That way, everybody can see the East River and the Hudson River, as well as Saint Patrick’s Cathedral!”

Rotating Skycrapper

The building floor will be comprised of voice activated technology, which will enable the residents to control the spinning motion of their apartments. The tower will also have a built-in power house. 79 horizontally placed wind turbines will be installed between the floors and the solar panels installed on the roof will fuel the tower’s electric-run applications. The skyscraper also boasts an innovative car parking solution for its residents. To make residents fell less worried about their automobiles’ safety, a specially designed elevator will be installed inside the central concrete core of the tower, which will let them to transport their cars to their respective floors and park it right next to their apartment.

Tower’s floor units will be manufactured of steel, aluminum and carbon fibers. According to the architect, floors manufactured at the factory will later be integrated into the building.

According to the company’s website, the building will also feature a luxury hotel. It further states, the dynamic experience will offer exclusive services and extravagant housing to travelers. The spinning hotel will give choice to its guests between deluxe rooms and spacious luxurious suits along with the services of world’s leading hospitality companies.

It’s unclear what the price tag is for this massive project, but Dynamic Architecture says the price for an individual apartment unit could range from $4 million to $40 million.

Fisher thinks that the dynamic tower will alternate the concept of jobs for architects. He said, “An architect should design buildings that adjust to life, they should adapt to our space, our functionalities and our needs that change continuously and even to our sense of beauty, itself in continuous motion.”

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