Midea’s window air conditioner saves upto 35% of energy

Midea is the first ever U-shaped window air conditioner which offers efficient, fast and powerful air cooling. While all conventional air conditioners can be noisy and difficult to set up, Midea’s U-shaped AC is one up on the traditional air conditioners. It does not take away your luxury of enjoying the view from your windowsill since you are still able to open and close your windows easily.

Faster than conventional ACs

Midea’s U-shaped window air conditioner is patented and offers unique features

With this design, your windows can naturally open and close without compromising on the efficiency or the effectiveness of the window air conditioner. It has a window that is free to open, allowing fresh air to flow in and out easily. It further includes DC inverter technology which saves more than 35% of the energy and instantly cools the room. It also blocks the outside noise, making it nine times quieter, allowing ultra-quiet operation as low as 42dB. It is capable of providing the cold air to flow upto 20 feet, giving you all the relaxing and comforting feels.

patented U-shaped design

The window air conditioner can be set up in 3 easy steps

The window air conditioner has a U-shaped groove with a width of 2.75 inches and includes adjustable side arms, making it very easy to fit into almost any window. Additionally, the windows are secured using an anti-theft mechanism, ensuring no threat from intruders. In 3 easy steps, you can quickly install and set up the window air conditioner and enjoy the 20 feet long distance airflow and smart control.

  1. Simply install the quick snap bracket and set the unit on the bracket.
  2. Secure the side arms.
  3. Close the window.

Step 1

Install the bracket

Step 2

Place on the bracket

Step 3

Secure side arms

The window air conditioner gives you a peaceful environment to relax in

The unique U-shaped design functions as noise cancellation and blocks all the noise coming from the compressor outside the window and walls. It is 9 times quieter than the traditional air conditioning units and can operate at only 42 dB which is almost as quiet as a library.

Peaceful sleep

Wake up feeling recharged with Midea’s window air conditioner

While the Midea air conditioning unit offers you a good night’s sleep, it also helps you study, work or watch your favorite shows in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

The Midea U-shaped AC has a strong airflow, blowing cold air over 20 feet away, and is capable of covering every inch of your room. As soon as you run the window air conditioner on, you can feel the cold and crisp air filling your entire room. There are 3 different BTUs (British Thermal Unit) available depending on the room size; 8K BTU is ideal for 251-350 Sq Ft, 10K BTU is ideal 351-450 Sq Ft, 12K BTU is ideal for 451-550 Sq Ft.

window air conditioner- Cools the Entire Room

The economically efficient technology has won the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 certification

The U-shaped window air conditioner uses DC invertor technology which aids in making the device energy efficient by saving up to 35% of the energy. Midea’s AC is the first ever window AC that has been certified as the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020. What makes the product stand out is the patented Inverter Quattro design, allowing it to perform better with the same amount of electricity. Not only does this make the device environmentally friendly, but also saves on electricity costs. The 12K BTU strong cooling power has broken records for a low yearly energy cost at only $58.

window air conditioner- Energy efficient

Enjoy fresh air through your windows with the innovative U-shaped design

If you wish to use the Midea AC cooling to let in fresh air through your windows, the air conditioner allows you to do exactly so!

window air conditioner- Gives smart control

Have a smart control over the window air conditioner

The smart AC works with Wifi and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere using an app available on iOS and Android. You can use the voice commands of Google Assistant and Alexa to work the AC without a remote.

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window air conditioner- Enjoy special perks

More about Midea

Midea is the world’s leading air treatment brand that serves customers in more than 200 countries and regions. The company was first established in 1986 and as of July 2016, it appeared in the Fortune 500 as an influential home appliance company. The headquarters of Midea are in Southern China and it has managed to establish 21 production factories and 260 logistics centres worldwide.

window air conditioner- Influential appliance

Advanced research and development

Midea assures quality by setting up 90 technological labs for the advanced research and development of all of its products. It has gained more than 6000 patented breakthroughs, winning national and international technology awards.

Simple set up with just a screwdriver

All you need is a screwdriver and you are ready to go! The Window Air conditioner, LED remote control, mounting bracket, mounting screws and foam seal are included in the box. It also comes with an owner’s manual to clear out any queries.

The 8k BTU window air conditioning unit is available for $399.

All Images: Indiegogo

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