Ever wondered why birds never crash into each other in midair?

It hasn’t been very long since humans started flying and we already have seen so many fatal flight collisions in our very limited aviation history. However, birds have been flying in the air since ages and nobody has ever witnessed them colliding. You might think it is because no one has ever traced birds colliding with each other mid-air but that is not the case. Researchers from University of Queensland were intrigued by the birds’ super safe aviation rules and decided to investigate them so that the same rules could be applied by humans to ensure collision free flights.

A simple experiment was designed by the researchers in which 10 different species of birds, including parakeets, were placed at the opposite ends of a tunnel and the experiment was carried out for 102 rounds of flights. And guess what? None of the birds collided for even a single time!

The experiment concluded with rather simple findings; birds avoid head-on collisions either by always turning right or by changing their altitudes. Who knew mid-air collision were so simple to avoid?

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References: Business Insider , Independent

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