Wello Family Tricycle is a transport vehicle with no carbon emissions!

The Wello Family Tricycle is a transport vehicle which combines and incorporates a lot of features in itself. Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas, the vehicle was designed and released by a young French start-up of only 10 people, excluding external affiliates. It is a greatly environment friendly mean of transport and shows what the future holds for the transport industry!

The tricycle, which greatly resembles a South Asian Rickshaw, is ultra-light and combines a car and a bike/bicycle. It has three tires for mobility and support, one seat for the driver and a seat in the back for another passenger – this seat can also be converted into a compartment for cargo.

Wello Family TricycleThe vehicle uses both solar energy and pedals for propulsion. The solar energy comes from the solar panels installed on the roof and there is also an in-built battery for power storage. This makes it possible for people to travel even when the battery runs out. The best part about this is that the tricycle can run in the bike lane and will hopefully get approved for the cars’ lane, too!

The Wello tricycle is covered from the sides which makes it comfortable for the passengers, protects them against the weather and also provides safety.

It is 7.4 feet long, 2.7 feet wide and, also has front and rear lights, indicators and a horn. The size of the vehicle makes it possible for it to even get parked in parking spaces for bikes.

Wello Family TricycleThe tricycle has a speed of 40 km/h and a range of 100 km/day and can carry a load of 80 kg or 800 litres.

The company has accompanied the tricycle with a mobile application that connects through Bluetooth. This application acts as a user dashboard and provides all information about the vehicle to the owner such as speed and battery status etc. Real-time maps are also displayed for easy navigation for the driver. The company claims provision of complete data security (according to RGPD).

The Wello Family Tricycle is super eco-friendly mean of transport. The company has designed it with the goal of zero-carbon emission in mind and the vehicle fulfills this goal.

Wello Family TricycleWello designed this tricycle as an alternative to cars, for when the number of cars in the future increases and the traffic problems worsen. The small size of the Wello Family Tricycle makes it perfect for individual travel, such as for deliveries, or taxi services.

The vehicle does, however, come at a price of $8,800  which is pretty hefty, however, the price might go down if demand of the product increases, in the future.

All Images: © Wello
h/t: Design Boom

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