These World Maps Show The Tug of War Between Popular Web Browsers Since 2008

Remember the time when Internet Explorer was every teen’s best friend? The most popular web browser during the early era of desktop computers has now been reduced to jokes on the social media. However, this transition did not come as quickly as we might remember it to be.  Jody Sieradzki from Dadaviz show, created a series of maps showing the popularity of web browsers from 2008 to 2015.

The popularity trend of browsers was compared between Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox against the time. The first map highlights how Internet Explorer ruled the world in 2008 while the rest of the browsers were almost non-existent. Opera gained success in Europe during the year 2009 while Internet Explorer was still a major player in the rest of the countries. The maps further illustrated how Opera’s fame was quite short lived and was quickly replaced by Firefox in 2011.

Trends from 2012 to 2015 depict the sudden bloom of Google Chrome as the most used web browser. It seems like the dominance war between the web browsers have finally reached its end with Google Chrome emerging as the ultimate winner.

On a lighter note, the map of 2014 shows an interesting guest appearance by Safari in an area which seems like Greenland and the spectators are left to wonder where it came from in the picture.

Internet Explorer ruled the world back in 2008.


Opera took over eastern Europe in 2009.


Firefox overtook Opera in 2010.


Chrome joins the party.


Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer battle it out for global dominance


Chrome begins to take forward leaps.


Well hello there! Safari surprisingly took over Greenland in 2014.


Year 2015! The whole world submits to the might of Google Chrome and since then chrome has been controlling the entire world.


h/t:  Business Insider

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