Walk Wings Transform Your Shoes Into Roller Skates

I still remember how excited I got when I saw a kid push a button on his shoes, noticed small wheels pop out and saw him skate away! After a week of persuading my parents to buy me a pair, I finally had them, and I don’t remember taking them off! I’m sure you all have such memories too. Good old days, no? Well, you can relive your childhood memories with Walk Wings shoes.

Recently, Cardiff Skate Company reintroduced these skates! However, there’s a twist. Instead of using the regular steel ones, the company is using rollerblade-type wheels. Walk Wing has further revamped the concept by introducing strap-on skates that have retractable rubber wheels!

So, each Walk Wing shoes attachment attaches to the user’s footwear through a heel strap, toe cover, and a ratcheting ankle strap. As one slides the lever at the back, the four polyurethane wheels drop down into place and allow the user to begin skating! Similarly, to apply brakes, all one needs to do is apply the heel brake which is placed below the wheel-release lever.

Walk Wings Shoes
Image: Walk Wings

If a user faces an obstacle such as a rough surface or a flight of stairs, then all he/she needs to do is pull the wheels back by flipping the lever to its original position. Initially, the user may be all awkward and clumsy even when the wheels are pulled up. However, Walk Wings come with a shoe bag so that it is easier for a person to carry them around when not in use.

As for the price, it is estimated to be around $200. Quite expensive but then again, it’ll bring back childhood memories!

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