Volkswagen brings back 60s classic with ID electric beach buggy concept

Quirky, adorable and fun is what defines Volkswagen electric dune buggy. A modern reinterpretation of 60’s classic dune buggy, Volkswagen debuted its electric-powered dune buggy concept in Geneva Motor Show 2019. The eccentric bright green exterior not only attracts the looks but the whole reimagined buggy concept takes one down to nostalgic road.

Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 8 Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 10

The buggy has proportions of a small car and room for two but with no door, no roof and open side skirts the car looks commodious. The exterior of the car features a curve extending upwards from front to rear, a VW light emblem, rounded head and taillights and exposed wheels with off-road tires. Keeping in mind the rough dune-riding, VW added Targa bar and tow-points at all four corners for protection. The interior, however, has been kept minimal and sleek with innovative water-resistant Nappa leather which is both durable and easy to clean. The seats comes equipped with a drainage system to ensure water does not pool in the seats.

Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 2 Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 1

VW kept the controls experimental by introducing hexagonal steering-wheel with touch controls. There is no built-in infotainment system but ID buggy includes a screen behind the wheel and built-in speakers which can be connected via Bluetooth to play music. ID buggy also has a spacious trunk with straps to store stuff.

Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 5 Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 6

This concept car houses a single 201-horsepower, 228 lb-ft (309 Nm) electric motor in the rear, fed by a 62-kWh battery pack in the floor, giving a WLTP range of 155 miles (250 km). The wheels are 18 inches, with BF Goodrich All-Terrain chunky tires. 0-60mph (0-98 mph) is a decent 7.2 second sprint and the top speed is limited to 99mph (160kmh).

Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 9 Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 7

I.D buggy is a concept based on VW modular electric drive matrix. The car is just a concept and there is no promise for its production but the company is ready to supply the detachable chassis to external companies to manufacture their own bodywork.

Volkswagen ID Buggy Concept 3

 The frog like car would surely turn heads if and when it hits the streets!

All Images: © Volkswagen

Source: Volkswagen (via: New Atlas)

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