These vibrant hand dyed paper sculptures will make you feel dizzy in awe

Tehran based artist Hadieh Shafie who is now based in Brooklyn has once again grabbed everyone’s attention with her vibrant, concentric paper sculptures. Shafie created this piece of art as an ode to the books and poetry that she read growing up. The hand dyed and rolled papers also incorporate neat calligraphy on them which gives a depth to the paper sculptures. Some of the pieces include sharply spiraled papers that gives a protruding perception to the viewers while the others feature the appearance of shadows, created by dipping the paper in ink in the finishing phase.

paper 6

paper 10


Shafie explained her work process in a statement, “On the surface, what the viewer sees are the fore-edges of miniature scrolls made of strips of paper. Using a limited color palette, each strip of paper is dyed with acrylic pigments, and then rolled by hand, one upon another, to create a multitude of color combinations for each emerging scroll. The rolling process places razor thin edges of color closely together, creating a space for the viewer’s eye to blend adjoining colors.”

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paper 5

paper 13

paper 2

paper 4

paper 7

paper 1

paper 11

shafie paper art 1

shafie paper art 2

shafie paper art 3

shafie paper art 4

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Images: © Hadieh Shafie

Hadieh Shafie: Website|Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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