Vertical mouse with gun-handle design made exclusively for FPS games

A mouse is an essential accessory when talking about computers, and an avid computer user can testify this. Gamers, in particular, know the necessity of a good mouse when navigating and operating in games. The compatibility and the compactness of a mouse can be quintessential; thus, innovative designs spring up in the technological market every other day to meet the specific needs of gamers. Among these is the vertical gaming mouse called Ragnok Mousegun.

There is the question of why a vertical mouse? Vertical mouse seems to be a significant trend in the gaming community. The tall, upright shape of the mouse is said to ease the tension in the user’s muscles and tendons and helps avoid several problems. A regular mouse has to be used by placing your hand at an awkward angle, which can lead to complications like RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. A vertically shaped mouse can, thus, help in combatting these concerns and provide a much more comfortable gaming experience.

Designed by a Chinese tech company, Ragnok, this mouse is designed so uniquely that it doesn’t fail to catch the eyes of onlookers. Shaped like a pistol grip, this mouse has especially been put together keeping gaming in mind, offering a fancy new accessory to work with first-player shooting games.

The sleek design is made to offer the feel of a real gun with two buttons at the front for game control. Both these buttons offer a clicking function with the top one acting as a left button and the bottom one acting as a right button as on a regular mouse.

There is also a small metal roller at the back, for scrolling, with almost 3,200 DPI sensitivity. The main astonishing feature of this equipment, however, is its vertical shaped body. The gun-grip design is strikingly similar to a real-life gun with a textured surface to provide a better hold.

Among the tradition rounded and horizontal mouse, the Ragnok Mousegun stands out with its distinctive qualities. It was initially designed after the look of the Desert Eagle, and its pistol holder appearance seems to have done an excellent job in replicating the look. And not just the look, the gun handle design and the trigger button help provide the sensation of using an actual gun when playing. This takes the experience of first-person shooting games to a different level entirely.

The mouse has a perfectly symmetrical shape that can be used both right-handed and left-handed people alike. So, there is no need to worry about being a left-handed shooter. This mouse fits everyone’s needs.

Another impressive feature is that it showcases wireless functionality. This mouse does not require long and messy cords to be connected to the computer to work, just a tiny receiver that will help it connect, and it is good to go. It is also rechargeable so batteries are not a problem.

This cool gaming mouse retails at a price of 117 USD, but there is a 50% early bird discount on it, making it quite the steal.

Source: Ragnok (via: New Atlas)

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