TypeCase Keyboard Rejuvenates the Lives of Amputees and the visually impaired

Dougie Mann, a product designer, has recently introduced his prototype of TypeCase Keyboard. A product he designed for the convenience of amputees and the blind. In this evolving world of technology, it’s only about time we came up with gadgets to help the one really in need of it. The TypeCase keyboard is easily adjustable as it’s designed as a cover for your phone. It’s a phone case with a total of five buttons that make up all the twenty-six alphabets with just a touch with mere combinations.

TypeCase Keyboard

Mann compares the functioning of the TypeCase keyboard to that of the chords of a piano. The way, in order to play a chord, the pianist must press certain keys together; similarly, in order to type a letter, the person must press a combination of the five buttons present on this explicit 3D case.  One of the buttons is present on the top right-hand corner, which is easily accessible by the thumb and the rest four are present along the right bottom side.

The case, however, has a bit of a learning curve to it, that requires the user to memorize the different patterns for a certain alphabet to be communicated, much like remembering the right finger position on the chords of a guitar to be played but since the human mind is programmed to work well with patterns, a minimum effort is required to memorize them which is made easier by Mann’s graphic overlays that resemble that of chord combinations.

TypeCase Keyboard

The TypeCase Keyboard is also equipped with other motion sensors and a Bluetooth connectivity feature. It’s so designed to perform minimal, daily routine functions on a phone or a laptop such as scrolling or other features that can be customized by the user himself. All these features can be accessed directly from the TypeCase without the need to download any sort of software or app.

Image Credits: Dougie Mann
h/t: Dezeen

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