This tiny device turns any solid surface into a smart remote control

KNOCK KNOCK! Don’t worry, this is not another knock-knock joke but an actual way to get things done. Knocki is an innovative product by Texas-based Swan Solutions which turns any solid surface into a remote control.

Knocki 6 Knocki 9

The disc-shaped smart remote control recognizes up to 10 knocking patterns and each pattern can be programmed to initiate a different task. An accelerometer system is integrated into the device which helps it recognize the vibrations and utilizes A4 batteries to function. The efficiency of the product however depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi and its availability as it is through the Wi-Fi that Knocki sends the signals to the cloud server which in return triggers the action.

Knocki 2 Knocki 4

Knocki can be used for a variety of purposes such shuffling the music, turning on the nightstand or even to activate security system at your home when an unidentified person knocks on the door. Its simplistic design, without the hassle of switches, buttons and wires makes it a must-have for those who want to make their lives incredibly hassle-free. You can get Knocki for just $59!

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