Transparent Kayak Lets You Soak In The Exotic Sea Life Without Actually Getting You Soaked

Who does not want to explore the beautiful serenity of an ocean or a sea? But it is obviously not always convenient to drench into the sea to do it and, that’s where the absolutely gorgeous transparent kayak, Molokini comes in.

Clear Blue Hawaii has made use of materials that are normally incorporated in fighter jets and bulletproof glass to create a transparent kayak. People paddling on this unique kayak appear to be floating on the deep blue water in a sitting position. This transparent kayak not only makes you look cool from an observer’s point of view but also let you gaze at the aquatic life beneath the sea as you paddle on, giving people all the right reasons to go crazy for it. Molokini provides a clear view of the sea life for as deep as 75 meters in good visibility conditions and when the weather conditions turn bad, the kayak will protect you as it is nearly impossible for it to flip over. Molokini is all set to give ocean lovers an extraordinarily serene experience at a cost of almost $2700.

kayak 1

kayak 5

kayak 6

kayak 2

kayak 3

kayak 4 1

Images: Clear Blue Hawaii

References: Daily Mail, Huff Post

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