Toyota and Pizza Hut teamed-up to make a robotic pizza making Tundra truck

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show often has weird concepts and unique one-off designs to showcase. On this year’s show, following the Toyota’s first blueprint for driverless delivery vans, they flipped the dough by introducing a concept of mobile pizza maker on the back of Tundra pickup truck and some expertise of pie-making from Pizza Hut. The incredible design was unveiled at 2018 SEMA show.

Image: Toyota

The Tundra SR5 pickup was completely stripped down to its bare chassis, then built again by reassembling some parts and replacing others. Nachi Robotic Systems integrated its cutting-edge robotics to provide the computer-guided robotic arms. The Toyota Tundra pizza maker can genuinely make a pizza from scratch. These trucks not only make and deliver pizzas in the blink of an eye, but they are also zero-emission trucks. The conventional gasoline-powered drivetrain of the Tundra has been replaced by the new generation hydrogen fuel cell system out of the Toyota Mirai. Thus making it an eco-friendly vehicle.

Image: Toyota

Undoubtedly, the Tundra Pie Pro is the future of the pizza delivery. A unique truck bed is installed and converted into an open-air kitchen. When a user places an order, a pair of computer-guided robotic arms starts their work. The refrigerator is opened, and the selected pizza is removed from it. The selected pizza is placed on a high-speed conveyor belt and is passed through a ventless oven. Once it is perfectly cooked, the second arm removes the pizza which is then placed on a cutting board, where it is then cut into 6 equal slices. The cooked pizza is then put into a box and delivers it to a waiting customer. The whole process, from the beginning till the end takes only 7 minutes.

Image: Toyota

This ambitious project was focused on giving pizzas to the customers in an efficient and faster way that won’t pollute the environment.

Image: Toyota

Video Courtesy: YOUCAR

h/t: Inhabitat

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