Top Ten Longest Road Networks

Roads are a fundamental component of any country’s transportation system and most probably they play a key role in interconnection and communication between different cities of a country. Roads play the most important role in countries economic and social development so there has to be a vast and efficient network, in order to achieve maximum benefits. Beside all the benefits that roads play, following is the list of top 10 countries having largest road networks:

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10. Spain

Road Length: 681,298 km
Expressway Length: 15,152 km

9. Australia

Road Length: 823,217 km

8. France

Road Length: 951,200 km
Expressway Length: 11,100 km

Top Ten Longest Road Networks - France

7. Russia

Road Length: 982,000 km
Expressway Length: 30,000 km

Top Ten Longest Road Networks - Russia

6. Canada

Road Length: 1,042,300 km
Expressway Length: 17,000 km

5. Japan

Road Length: 1,210,251 km
Expressway Length: 7,803 km

4. Brazil

Road Length: 1,751,868 km

3. India

Road Length: 4,020,000 km
Expressway Length: 21,111 km

2. China

Road Length: 4,237,500 km
Expressway Length: 96,200 km

1. USA

Road Length: 6,506,204 km
Expressway Length: 75,238 km

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