Flickr Unveils The Top 25 Images Of 2017 That Made The World Look Extremely Magical!

This year has been a spectacular one and the popular image-and-video hosting website, Flickr decided to pay 2017 the farewell that it deserves by compiling the top 25 photographs that spread magic on this platform all year round.

The photographs that made it to the list were chosen on the basis of how many times they were shared, viewed and faved. However, to make sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity, Flick’s staff curated the list, ensuring that each image belongs to a different photographer. The “Top 25 Photographs On Flickr” list is guaranteed to be fair and unbiased since the photo, titled as “Say Goodbye…”, was very recently shared in October but paved its way to the top due to the strong narrative it depicted as well as the technical depth it showed.

Keep scrolling to view the photographs that made 2017 extra special with their charm and read on the original captions by the photographers to get in touch with their thought process while they were shooting for these images.

1. Say Goodbye…

say goodbye...

Image & Caption Credits: Iwona Podlasinska

“A huge part of my photos is very spontaneous, but some are planned. Planning photos with kids is something different than with models. There is a story they need to understand and like to be willing to contribute. They can’t fake emotion. You will see on their faces and in their body language exactly how they felt when the photo was taken. I need them to feel good and feel the atmosphere. They need to believe in magic when we go shooting.”

2. The Elephant Walks In The Night

Flickr Top Photos

Image & Caption Credits: Wayne Pinkston

“This is a panorama of Elephant Rock in The Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, USA. The light on the horizon is the rising moon. Las Vegas is nearby, but somewhat behind me and off to my right. There are approx. 8 vertical images taken at 14mm, f/2.8, 20 sec., and ISO 8000. Taken with a Nikon 14-24 mm lens.”

3. Light of Glory

Light of Glory

Image & Caption Trends: Icemanphotos

4. Slipping Away

Slipping Away

Image & Caption Credits: Jerry Fryer

“…It had been snowing – you can see some snow on top of the iceberg although by now it was raining, which meant literally wiping the filters after every single shot, waiting for the wave then taking the cloth away & hoping that the filters would stay dry long enough to get the shot which was a bit of a bummer (but at least you know your filters aren’t dusty)…”

5. Finally

Flickr Top Photos 1

Image & Caption Credit: Nils Stefan Püschel

6. Mi Fuego

Mi Fuego

Image & Caption Credits: Albert Dros

“…This picture says enough 🙂 The erupting volcano ‘Fuego’ near Antigua Guatemala, with a milky way lined up.”

7. Red Squirrel

Flickr Top Photos 2

Image & Caption Credits: Gladys Klip

It was so sweet to see this squirrel opening his nut as it was a present.

8. Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to heaven

Image & Caption Credits: Koen Jacobs

“The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the world. I like to come here from time to time; There is always something to see, has the most beautiful light and for a few euros you can go on top to have a really nice view over Brussels.”

9. ***

Fickr Top Photos

Image & Caption Credits: Elena Shumilova

10. Big and Bigger

big and bigger

Image & Caption Credits: Chris Frank

11. Milky Way Over Harvey Dam, Western Australia

Milky Way over Harvey Dam, Western Australia

Image & Caption Credits: Inefekt69

“…This is a 53 image panorama taken at Harvey Dam, approximately 125km (100mi) south of Perth in Western Australia. The Large & Small Magellanic Clouds can be see near the horizon just right of centre. The light pollution is coming from the Worsley Alumina Refinery approximately 15km away.”

12. Mont Saint-Michel puddle mirrored

Mont Saint-Michel puddle mirrored

Image & Caption Credits:  Loïc Lagarde

13. Braving the Weather

Braving the Weather

Image & Caption Credits: Max Gor

14. Oh oooooh

Oh oooooh!

Image & Caption Credits: Salah Baazizi

“Great Blue Heron working on its catch, Bolsa Chica(CA).

15. Vestrahorn Islande

Vestrahorn Islande

Image & Caption Credits: RUFF Etienne

16. Aurora borealis

Flickr Top Photos 3

Image & Caption Credits: Jonathan Le Borgne

Un autre point de vue de Reine que j’ai tenté de capturer. Entre le premier, le second et le troisième plan les conditions étaient difficiles…bracketing obligatoire. Le moment était magique.

17. Soltitude


Image & Caption Credits: Ania Tuzel Photography

Vermont, New England

18. Hallstatt Residential

Hallstatt Residential

Image & Caption Credits: Hans-Peter Deutsch

“Impressions from our last winter-trip to Hallstatt in Austria. Not the famous standard composition with the two churches, but just a residential neighborhood. It never stops to amaze me just how narrowly this village is squeezed in between the lake and the steep mountain.”

19. Lion City

Lion City

Image & Caption Credits: Alexander Lauterbach

“The beautiful skyline of Singapore and it’s well-known mascot Merlion, a mythical creature with a lion’s head and the body of a fish.”

20. Flow

flow (Explored)

Image & Caption Credits: Paul

Flow. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. For me. And I’m feeling good. Muse, Feeling Good

Whatever your view of world events, there’s no doubt that things are about to get….somewhat interesting. But here’s the thing- whatever happens in the next few months and years, the sun will always rise in the East (except in Australia where it rises in the West, of course) and the tides will continue their endless cycle. At least for a while.

So, kick off your wellies, grab a cocktail and you know..just go with the……

21. Winter Fairytale

Winter Fairytale - Flickr Top25 2017 -

Image & Caption Credits: Achim Thomae

22. An Attempt To Convey Cold

Flickr Top Photos 4

Image & Caption Credits: Brad Eide

The weather had finally turned cold the first week into December and the open water was disappearing quickly. After many cloudy days the weather had cleared and I finally had hopes for the evening’s sunset.

I had to park off the edge of the road in the snow as my planned parking spot was occupied. As I approached the location I discovered I wasn’t alone . . . another photographer had had similar ideas about this location and had also parked in “my spot”.

This image is my attempt to convey what I was feeling . . . COLD. This image is looking over the rock outcropping along the shore with the sunset light colouring the distant clouds. It is so cold this evening that there is steam rising off the open water being highlighted by the setting light! I ended up sitting in the snow to get this lower point of view . . . needless to say, I tried to work as quickly as possible 😉 I have also discovered that the camera’s battery does not last very long when the temperature is below zero . . . which was fine as I also learned I do not last very long when the wind chill is lower than -10F (-23C). Little did I realize that that was a heat wave, as tonight the low will be -25F (-31.7C).

This sunset was a month ago when there was still open water . . . now it’s a sheet of ice with snowmobiles traversing it from the shore to the various shelters set up for ice, while others are out cross country skiing and snowshoeing on the ice.

23. Epiphany

Epiphany (Explored)

Image & Caption Credits: Sapna Reddy Photography

Tasman Glacier Lake, New Zealand

24. Melancholia


Image & Caption Credits: Alicja Zmyslowska

25. Lookkk Deeeply Into My Eyes

Lookkk deeeply into my eyes....

Image & Caption Credits: Earl Reinink

Nothing beats a full face shot of a Great Grey Owl. Its like Christmas came when you get the shot.

Source: Flickr

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