Tiny triangular home is a perfect example of minimalistic and affordable living

With all the hustle and bustle in urban cities, overworked and exhausted citizens want to retreat into the nature while still having the comfort of an indoor space.

Brazilian Architect, Felipe Campolina sensed this need and designed the minimalistic and affordable ‘HT Refuge’ for those craving a weekend getaway. By using prefabricated blocks and sections of steel to form the truss, the 40 meters square abode stands triangular with one side rotated 45 degrees from the floor. This shape also guarantees stability and provides a strong frame.

Tiny Triangular home 2

The module is also expandable, making it a perfect house for urban scenarios as well. Nevertheless, the basic version comprising of 27 meter square on the ground (3.20 x 8.45 m) also proves to be a perfect retreat. Using Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)-which is a lightweight, precast foam variety of concrete, the designer created the lateral closures making the abode both durable and cost-effective.

Tiny Triangular home 1

The double-story house allows its guests to enjoy the comforts of a house with an incredible view of nature. Furthermore, using prefabricated materials allows the house to fit in any geographic location regardless of weather and culture because of the abundant availability and durability of its building blocks-concrete and steel pipes.

Tiny Triangular home 3

Nevertheless, this adorable mini-habitat is perfect for anyone living anywhere!

All Images: © Felipe Campolina

h/t: Design Boom

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