This tiny gadget will let you know if the air is safe for you to breathe

We often take the air that we breathe in for granted because unlike other forms of pollution, toxic air is hardly ever apparent to our eyes however, with the launch of Sprimo air quality monitor it would not be too easy now to avoid the air pollution around us. The extremely compact and portable monitoring device can be attached to the lighting port of iPhone and then it’s just a matter of time that the app starts displaying temperature, humidity and quality of the surrounding air.

Sprimo personal air monitor 3

The gadget colour codes the air quality with the increasing levels of volatile organic compounds that are toxic to human health. The green colour denotes clean air, yellow refers to an okay air quality while the red colour is a warning for extremely degraded air quality situation. Moreover, Sprimo app also collects data from all the users around different locations of the city and maps it out so the users could know which place Is safe for breathing and which is not.

Sprimo personal air monitor 2

Sprimo is being crowfunded on Kickstarter and you can get it for $20 only, which is not really a big price to pay for clean breathing!

Sprimo Personal Air Monitor

Images: © Sprimo

h/t: Digital Trends

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