This Swedish villa blends seamlessly with the island’s surroundings

Gothenburg based firm Studio Holmberg’s recent design in the coastal region of Sweden is essentially a tribute to its beautiful surroundings. Villa Vassdal is a minimal vacation house that blends so well with the Gothenburg’s island vibe that you would mistake it as something borne by nature instead of an architect. The single-story cabin features a bunch of pitched roofs. The roof as well as the entire exterior of the house is covered with untreated pinewood which would age gracefully into a shade of grey.

swedish villa villa vassdal 2 swedish villa swedish villa swedish villa

Moreover, the staggered structure of the house gives a nod to the undulating surroundings of the area mainly because of the cliffs and rock formations. To embody the simplicity of the house, the interior is done in a neutral palette with birch plywood accents while the window layout allows maximum views of the ocean. The architects from Studio Holmberg explain, “…(The facade) create a solid expression, highlighting the volumes as well as matching the raw cliffs. Moving through the house provides a choreographed experience with shifting sightlines, culminating with a view of the sea”.

swedish villa swedish villa swedish villa villa vassdal 3 swedish villa

Image Courtesy: Markus BülowMathias Holmberg
Property: Villa Vassdal
Architects: Studio Holmberg
h/t: Ignant

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