This ring will save you from death… literally!

If you are concerned about your health but don’t want to seem too paranoid then this Oxypower Ring would be your blessing in disguise. The wearable technology alerts the wearer if the person is suffering from Sickle-cell disease. This disease occurs when the oxygen level drops down from the blood, causing the red blood cells to stick together. The sickle-cell crisis can result in death if not taken into consideration at the right time. This is precisely where the Oxypower Ring comes to save lives. The ring monitors oxygen saturation and notifies the wearer as well as the nearest emergency services if it drops down to a level that could lead to the disease. The ring is ergonomic, simple and even customizable so that it looks nothing like the intelligent device that it is!

ring 4

ring 5

ring 3

ring 6

ring 2

h/t: Yanko Design

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