This puzzle is ideal for travelers stuck waiting at an airport

Done with boarding and now waiting in the boring airport lounge? Time to take out this interesting puzzle, provided by the UK-based airport parking and hotel business firm, Airports Parking and Hotels (APH). The puzzle asks the player to find the misplaced airplane that is going in just the opposite direction. APH spokesman, Nick Caunter talks about this illustration, “This is a tricky puzzle but the airplane is in there somewhere. Thankfully catching the right flight in real life is usually a little easier.”

Here, have a look at it and see if you can solve this intriguing puzzle!


Can’t? Do you need a hint? Divide the puzzle into four quadrants.


Still can’t find the misplaced airplane? Let’s get the cat out of the bag then.


Here’s a zoomed in version if you still unable to solve the puzzle on your own.


All Images: © Airports Parking and Hotels

h/t: Insider

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