This photographer creates fairytale with his magical photography skills

If you are trying to find a fantasy world in this life then you might find one in TJ Drysdale ethereal photographs that he captures as he travels with his partner Victoria Yore. The photographer makes perfect use of the scenic locations around the globes and plays beautifully with the light to create frames that seem to belong to a fairytale instead. As Drysdale photographs, Yore accentuates the magnificence of the overall composition by donning a flowing vintage dress. Each photograph that the artist puts up on his blog, Follow Me Away, tells a timeless story of longing, magic and romance. Scroll below to see Drysdale phenomenal work right here!

wanderlust 15

wanderlust 12

wanderlust 11

wanderlust 8

wanderlust 3

wanderlust 6

wanderlust 2

wanderlust 4

wanderlust 1

wanderlust 14

wanderlust 13

wanderlust 7

wanderlust 16

wanderlust 5

wanderlust 9

All Images: © TJ Drysdale

TJ Drysdale: Website | Instagram | Facebook

h/t: My Modern Met

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