This new magnetic drill lets you assemble furniture leaving no visible holes

If you were in the mood for renovating your house but the irrational fear of drilling too many holes into the walls was your hindrance then this invention might be exactly what you need. This new magnetic drill can now withstand the weight of the objects just like a regular screw did. The Invis Mx2 can attach to a drill and does not require any extra nailing into the walls. The screwdriver allows for easily detachable connections, which cause minimal damage.  No clamps are needed and it can work with multiple building materials including wood and ceramics.

The drill weighs 250 kg and its basic functioning includes a mini magnetic field operating on the attached drill which allows minimal contact. The screw is turned inside the joiner when the drill is passed over the different surfaces like wood or ceramic. The pieces can also be assembled and dissembled by passing it over the area and changing the direction of the actuator.

The magnetic drill enables you to make easy and aesthetic connections around the house and provides efficient installation. The Switzerland based company called Lamello has made the device available for purchase in North America. The kit currently prices at US$419 and can be ordered easily using their website.

h/t: My Modern Met

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