This mobile home lets you travel the world without compromising on your comfort

If settling down goes completely against your adventurous personality but you long for your own homely comfort while travelling then this mobile home by Lank Ark RV will surely be a treat for you. The inventive home takes the shape of a boat but has little to do with sea apart from the fact that it lets you wander about on land like a free-flowing tide does in the sea.

The Drake RV is being sold by the couple who designed it and had been living in it since 2010. The mobile home can accommodate as many as seven people at one time. The spectacularly designed home features two lofts, a kitchen, a bathroom, a sitting room and a flex room that can be changed into an office or a bedroom, depending on the requirement of the dwellers. The 357-square-foot moving home is furnished with pinewood interiors and personalized seating and lighting arrangement. If this sounds like a dream home to you then you can buy it from Glenwood Springs, Colorado for a justified price tag of $139,900.

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All Images: © Jeremy Gudac via Land Ark

Architects: Land Ark RV

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