This Mini washing bag ‘Srubba’ is big enough to wash all your clothes

One of the challenges that travelers face when they go on long trips is that they cannot carry enough clothes with them and do not have enough resources to wash their clothes themselves. In order to cater to the needs of travelers, Calibre8 introduced the smallest yet lightest washing machine in 2012 named Scrubba.

Scrubba Mini Washing Bag 1

After several years of Scrubba’s introduction, Scrubba mini came into the market, which was the same in its design and function but only was smaller and lighter in weight. It was specifically designed for travelers considering their lighter and compact requirements. It is half the size of the original, but the mini weighs approx. 70g which is also half the weight of the original Scrubba. It is made up of “durable polyether TPU coated nylon fabric”. It is a bag that can be squeezed and has a plastic ball on the inside, which helps in cleaning the clothes.

Scrubba Mini Washing Bag 3

So you might be wondering how such a small sized machine can wash clothes? Its capacity includes two pair of socks, two underwear or single shirt at one-time washing. And for the understanding of the cleaning process just put the clothes inside the bag and add detergent and the right amount of water and close the bag. After closing it, release the air trapped inside the bag through the valve. Now rub the bag from the outside, and you are done. You can now hang the clothes along with the bag for drying purpose. The company claims that it is as effective as normally washing clothes and helps in saving time.

Scrubba Mini Washing Bag 2

This mini-sized Scrubba washing machine is not only useful for laundry purposes but can also be used as a weatherproof backpack. It is stated to be released in August of this year and is currently going for 25 USD on Kickstarter funding campaign.

Source: Kickstarter (via: New Atlas)

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