This little village of Morocco is as blue as it can get

We all are quite familiar with the cool blue colour however, a very few of us know that the blue pigment was actually originated 550 years ago in a small village of Morocco called Chefchaouen. Photographer duo Tiago Marques and Tania De Pascalis wished to pass on this fun fact along with the unique culture of this village to the world and so, they embarked on a photographical journey to Morocco.

Tiago and Tania wanted to make sure that the photographs they take reflect the authenticity of the village, its people and their culture completely hence they took their time to befriend the indigenous people as well as knowing each and every angle of the alleys and streets of the village. The duo took 6 days to document the village since they wanted their photographs to be a “dialogue between architecture and landscape, human and nature, fantasy and reality,” and this is exactly what they achieved by the end of their enchanting trip.

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All Images: © Tiago & Tania
Tiago & Tania: Website | Behance
h/t: My Modern Met

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