This Jetfoiler surfboard by Don Montague is nothing less than a magic carpet!

There are way too many protocols if you wish to enjoy surfboarding and a major one is to wait for the appropriate flow of water in an appropriate water body. However, the founder of Makani Power, Don Montague, doesn’t believe in waiting. Montague has come up with his own version of magic carpet that cruises along the surface of the water and is not really dependent on the water body or the flow of water. The Jetfoiler’s speed can be controlled by a remote control and once it has gained momentum, all that a rider has to do is lean back and the magic surfboard will rise from the water and propel forward.

Jetfoiler 1 2 Jetfoiler 2 1

As of now, the Jetfoiler is still under development, so there are no details yet on how fast and how long it can ride. You can learn more from the official website.

Jetfoiler 3 1 Jetfoiler 1 1 Jetfoiler 2

Montage was recently invited by Dutch filmmaker Bob van de Gronde to test his innovation in the known canals of Amsterdam and you can see the video he captured right below!

Video / Embed

Images: © Jetfoiler

h/t: Cool Things

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