This Japanese home is wrapped around a central garden

1,700-square-foot The Loop Terrace House, designed by Architecture studio Tomohiro Hata & Associates is the perfect abode for introverts who wish to go outdoors and enjoy the garden views yet have minimal or preferably no interaction with humans at all. The house is situated in a crowed area of Hyogo so the studio created an intimate outdoor setting right in the middle of the house in the form of a central garden. The two floors of the house are connected through various stairs and platforms that go in loop through the interior garden. The interior of the house is as simplistic and minimalist as it can get with, wooden accents, floor-to-ceiling windows and to provide a contrast along the same lines, the staircases are purposefully kept spotless white.

So, there. If you happen to be an introvert or generally someone who is annoyed of crowded open-air spaces, you can have your very own outdoor private moments while living an indoor life.

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All Images by Toshiyuki Yano/Tomohiro Hata Architect & associates

Architects: Tomohiro Hata & Associates

h/t: Curbed

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