This is how often you should wash your bathing towel!

There’s nothing more satisfying than drying yourself up from a fresh towel after a long hot bath. However, we all know it is not convenient to take out fresh towels after every single bath but exactly how many times is it okay to use the towel before washing it?

Damp towels are the perfect breeding ground for microbes because of the warm temperature, neutral pH, water, food and oxygen so, all those germs that surround your washroom bit by bit start transferring to the towel, not to mention the bacteria, dead skin cells, fungi and secretion from our own body. Hence the towel technically starts getting dirty as soon as you use it and becomes dirtiest when the odour starts coming from it. Ideally, one should reuse the same towel thrice only and that too, if the towel is air dried completely after each use.

Sorry to pop your bubble if you used to wash the towel weekly or fortnightly but what’s the point of bathing if you end up loading more microbes on your body than ever at the end, right?

Source: Business Insider

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