This inventive product doesn’t let your wet umbrella mess up the floor

Keeping yourself dry in a rainy weather is not much of a big deal. All you need for this purpose is an average, sturdy umbrella. However, we are all more than aware of the mess that dripping rain water from the umbrellas cause on the floors but hey, every problem has a solution and for this particular issue, we have the ingenious Drip Tip to help us.

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drip tip 5

The flexible rubber stopper can be adjusted at the top end of any umbrella and that’s about it. You can then just place your umbrella upside down as you would after using it and the umbrella-shaped stopper would prevent it from slipping as well as gather all the loose rain drops. There you go, dry clothes and dry floors all in one. Enjoy the rainy season!

drip tip 4

drip tip 2

drip tip 3

drip tip 1

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Images: © Pakzu Design

h/t: Design Boom

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