This floating park uses recycled plastic as its building blocks

If you happen to be an environmentalist at heart then you must obviously be aware of the grand ocean clean up drive that is focusing on retrieving plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. However, there is another project going on simultaneously that is directed towards using the plastic waste that comes out of the sea.

The concept behind establishing The Recycled Park at Rotterdam’s harbor was to put the plastic waste collected from the sea to good use. The 140 m2 floating park is made up of 28 connected hexagonal blocks that have used plastic waste as their sole raw material. The Rotterdam in turn also serves as a host to plastic litter traps that prevent plastics from entering seas and oceans, passively. The park, while preventing plastic pollution also accentuates the beauty of the dam with its aesthetically pleasing design. Moreover, it also functions as a breeding ground for snails, flatworms, larvae, beetles, fish and birds hence  it contributes in improving the flora and fauna of the area.

The Recycled Park at Rotterdam’s harbor features 28 hexagonal blocks.

recycled park 8

The blocks solely utilized plastic waste as its raw material.

recycled park 7

Volunteers assisted in collecting plastic waste from the rivers and dam.

recycled park 9

The hexagonal patterns are environment friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing.

recycled park 4

The 140 square meter green park has accentuated the look of the area and has attracted a lot of tourists as well.

recycled park 2

The park took 5 years to materialise after the completion of its design and funding.

recycled park 5

The park also serves as plastic litter trap to prevent plastic pollution in the seas and oceans.

recycled park 6

The Recycled Park serves as a habitat for flora and fauna of the area, such as  snails, flatworms, larvae, beetles, fish and birds.

recycled park 10

Images: © The Recycled Park

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