This exceptional time lapse video of a decade of Himalayan explorations will blow your mind away

Mt. Everest is undoubtedly the holy shrine for every adventurous soul and for Elia Saikaly it is not just a majestic mountain but also the place where he momentarily lost and gained life over and over again in the past decade. Saikaly survived earthquakes, avalanches and other accidents during his many visits to these rugged mountains but all the drastic experiences have been worth every single ounce of risk, not just for him but for everyone who wishes to visit the glorious mountains themselves. Don’t believe us? Check out this breathtaking time lapse by Saikaly in which you would witness mind blowing star formations, waves of fluffy clouds, the steep climbs, the colourful perched up tents and we bet you’d start embracing these life-threatening risks! You can check more of his adventures, and the making of this video at his blog and Instagram.

Video / Embed

Imaage: © Elia Saikaly

h/t: Colossal

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