This eco-friendly collapsible paper biking helmet will keep bikers super safe

Following the multiple mass awareness sessions about the climate change and environmental degradation, a huge chunk of population has started shifting to biking as a mode transportation that is also sustainable. Since the infrastructure will take time to adapt to this shift and make the experience safer for the bikers, Pratt Institute of Design in New York graduate Isis Shiffer took this matter into her own hands and came up with the design of EcoHelmet.

ecohelmet 1

ecohelmet 3

The collapsible paper made helmet is not only efficient enough to save the bikers from minor road injuries but is also environment friendly since it incorporates zero plastic in its design and easily biodegrades when discarded. The light, durable helmet can also stay waterproof for up to 3 hours.

ecohelmet 2

The EcoHelmet design has been certified by the European safety standards and has justly received  James Dyson Award which encourages student to play around designs that would solve an issue. Shiffer aspires to make this product as accessible as it can be for the bikers hence the target price of the helmet would be around $5 and an appropriate customized machine would need to be designed in order to mass produce EcoHelmet.

ecohelmet 5

ecohelmet 6

Images: © EcoHelmet

h/t: Business Insider

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