This concrete home is anything but plain and old

What are your thoughts on concrete homes? Plain façade and simple architecture? Well, you might be willing to change your perception about concrete homes once you have a look at this incredibly designed angular concrete abode, placed amidst the breathtaking hills of Chile.

concrete 3

concrete 2

concrete 5

concrete 4

concrete 7

concrete 11

concrete 8

Felipe Asandi Arquitectos designed the whole structure by using reinforced concrete slabs as the basic building units. The house flaunts a simplistic style while being modern in its aura, thanks to the cantilevered swimming pool and a balcony that stretches along the length of the structure. Moreover, the entryway of the home is covered with concrete overhangs while its interior features warm wood and neutral colour palette to bring out the home’s minimal facets as purely as possible. The house would truly make you believe in “less is more”.

concrete 6

concrete 13

concrete 12

concrete 14

concrete 15

concrete 17

concrete 18

concrete 16

concrete 19

concrete 21

concrete 20

All Images: © Fernando Alda

Architects: Felipe Asandi Arquitectos

h/t: Curbed

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