This concrete home is a contemporary Greek fantasy come true

What do you imagine if someone asks you to fantasize about a Greek home right in front of the Aegean Sea? Well, we’d say there is no point of imagining something that now exists in reality. Stockholm-based architecture studio, One Of A Kind Architects (OOAK) has designed a concrete house that is cantilevered at the edge of a rocky cliff on the Greek island, Karpathos and we swear by everything in the world that is good, that the house is truly something out of a modern-age Greek fantasy.

The design of the house is deliberately kept distinctive from its rocky, dramatic surroundings because, “the house is introduced as a foreign object enhancing the site’s unique and rough character. Although still perceivable as two distinct elements, together [the house and landscape] create a new entity and existence”. Since the house is cantilevered at the edge of a cliff, it seems like it juts out towards the sea and the architects have used it to their full advantage by incorporating windows throughout the property. The residents can also enjoy the scenic view from the patio, without letting the wind get into their hair since the patio is kept sheltered. As the architects of this project say, “The open and enclosed spaces interchange to enhance the experience of the house and its surrounding landscape”.

greek house 1

greek house 2

greek house 4

greek house 6

greek house 7

greek house 5

All Images: © Yiorgos Kordakis

Architects: One Of A Kind Architects

h/t: Ignant

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