This conceptual Mondrian apartment will make you fall in love with it

If you love geometry, colours and art then you must undoubtedly be a fan of the abstract painter Piet Mondrian. However, do you like Mondrian art so much that you would cherish staying in a home that is filled with its statement features?

mordrian 1 mordrian 2 mordrian 3

Bulgarian design studio Brani & Desi has created a modern space “where geometry, colors and functions have equal responsibility.” The home is simple, minimalist and linear in its design with a heavy incorporation of solid colors, red, yellow, white and blue. The apartment is named, Breakfast With Mondrian and you are likely to notice his signature composition of bold coloured blocks separated by faint parallel lines, right when you enter.

mordrian 4 mordrian 7 mordrian 6 mordrian 8 mordrian 5

“Mondrian’s aim is to provoke emotions to the viewers,” the team says. “The viewers should feel themselves dancing while watching his paintings. In our project we want to provoke the same emotions. Through lines and colors the inhabitants and their guests should feel themselves as they are part of a dance.”

mordrian 12 mordrian 11 mordrian 10 mordrian 9

Image Credits: © Brani & Desi

Architects: Brani & Desi

Brani & Desi: Website | Instagram | Twitter

h/t: My Modern Met

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