This colourful children library has a secret hideaway

We all understand that libraries need not to look dull and boring but vibrant instead, to attract first time readers and when you talk about creating a library for the kids at The Concourse House, which provides temporary shelter to homeless women, then you can only imagine how much of a happy place it should be to keep the children protected and happy in the blissful fantasy world created by books.

Michael K Chen Architecture (MKCA) did exactly what was required in this project and came up with an insanely cool library design. The library features a hideaway, separated by a cozy lounging area by a central book shelf with rounded edges. The carpet on the front accentuates the feel-good vibe of the library by adding more colours to the room. The firm has also added tables with integrated LED lights and an erasable glass surface to provide a comfortable working station for the kids.

“The love of books and of reading is something that defined my own childhood, and that of everyone on our team,” said MKCA principal Michael Chen. “The space for imagination and for reflection that books afford is such a gift, especially for kids who don’t currently have a permanent home or might not have a space of their own. It’s a privilege to work with Concourse House to make the library a reality for such a deserving group of children.”

Library by MCKA Library by MCKA Library by MCKA Library by MCKA Library by MCKA Library by MCKA Library by MCKA Library by MCKA

Image Credits: © Alan Tansey

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h/t: My Modern Met

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