This coffee table features an engraved glowing map on top

For many of us, coffee tables are just another piece of furniture but for Woo Design, they are much more and looking at their new innovation, you will feel the same too. The Warsaw-based furniture design firm has revealed its wooden coffee table which is engraved with aerial maps of known international cities and to further elevate its beauty, the table is embedded with resins that glow in the dark, giving the table surface an interesting luminous touch. Whether it is the map of the New York City or the waterways of London, the designs are certainly interesting, unique and adds to the personality of the home in a manner that no other piece of furniture can.

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Glowing Coffee Table 3 Glowing Coffee Table 2 Glowing Coffee Table 1 Glowing Coffee Table 7 Glowing Coffee Table 5 Glowing Coffee Table 6 Glowing Coffee Table 8

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Images: © Woo Design

h/t: : Colossal

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