This Chinese bookstore will take you on a literary mirage

One of the reasons why people become passionate readers is because they enjoy immersing themselves in imaginative parallel worlds. Now if you belong to the same lot then just envision yourself in a bookstore, filled with interesting books and reflective elements that not just mentally but also physically help you to be in your own parallel environment. Shanghai-based architecture firm X+Living recently designed exactly such buildings for Zhongshuge bookstores.

One of the branches of Zhongshuge bookstores situated in Yangzhou feature a mirror ceilings and other glassy elements which make the room double its size but more importantly give it an air of a fantasy world. According to the designers, this creative choice was taken to pay tribute to the city’s magical vibe due to its canals, rivers and lakes. Check out this library right here!

bookstore 3 bookstore 5 bookstore 4 bookstore 7 bookstore 6 bookstore 1 bookstore 8 bookstore 2

China Library 1 China Library 2 China Library 3

YangzhouLibrary 04

All Images: © Feng Shao
Architects: X+Living
h/t: Colossal

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