This case turns your apple watch into an iPod. Almost!

The introduction of apple’s first IPod changed the way we listened to music fifteen years ago. We have seen, from that day until today that their products have made progress to such degree that even iPod is not the main product anymore. Its features have been integrated into their other products, like the iPhone.

The iPod, since its initiation has been creatively remodeled from a music-playing device to a watch, storage or gaming device by users all over the world. Following this, users are now transforming the apple watch into an iPod!

Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Case 5 Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Case 8

An apple watch series 4 case that reshapes the watch into a sort of original iPod has been created by the Korean designer, Yeonsoo Kang for caseology. The silicon case presents a non-functional click wheel that is merely for aesthetics. Although the apple watch will still be controlled using touch screen, there won’t be that distinctive click that makes you scroll through music and hence save your time. It was to offer a different user experience as was the designer’s idea.

Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Case 8 Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Case 7

The cover, call the pod case has cutouts for the digital crown and side buttons. Also, it has a ceramic back to ensure wireless charging. The case is not 100% like the original iPod but still, it will do.

Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Case 4 Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Case 3

All Images: © Yeonsoo Kang

h/t: Design Boom

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