This backpack transforms into a tent in just 30 seconds

What’s that one rule about outdoor travelling and camping that makes all the difference in experiencing the world in an ultimately relaxed way? Less baggage! This was the conclusion drawn by Kenny Flannery after his non-stop travelling and hence he came up with 1 lb BivyPack.

The BivyPack is a complete solution to baggage and outdoor travelling problem as it can easily be carried literally to anywhere without much hassle. It has eternal pocket to hold water bottle and the material that is used to form its exterior, hex-grid ripstop nylon, makes the backpack completely waterproof. The carbon fiber frame on the other hand adjusts the BivyPack comfortably on your back, making the necessary ventilation possible between the pack and your back so that sweat doesn’t build up. Moreover, the adjustable hip and chest straps makes it easier for the user to shift the load equally so that long hikes can be made as comfortable as possible. The 8.5 ft x 20 inches backpack is quickly transformed into a tent as the carbon frame conveniently become tent poles while the fabric pop up.

If all that is not worth it in $299 then what is?

bivypack 2

bivypack 9

bivypack 6

bivypack 8

bivypack 10

bivypack 4

bivypack 3

bivypack 5

bivypack 7

Images: BivyPack – Kickstarter

h/t: New Atlas

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