This apartment complex in Japan is covered with vegetation from the roofs to the terraces

In the ever-expanding cityscapes of Japan, architect Kieta Nagara of Keita Nagata Architectural Element has added her own magical touch in the form of an apartment complex in Takamtsu. The interesting element of the five-residencies, Greendo is that it makes use of the natural terrain of the area to create houses that enjoy thermal insulation due to the natural vegetation on the roof which also doubles-up as a terrace for the residency about it. The continuation of greenery from the roof of one house to the terrace of another has made a lot of architects turn their heads in wonder and in that process, Greendo has secured its place in this year’s G-Mark Japan GOOD DESIGN Award.

The beautiful apartment complex is situated between two roads in Takamtsu, with mountainous scenery.

greendo 6

The project consists of five residencies.

greendo 8

Greendo is covered with natural vegetation from the roof to the land.

greendo 9

The vegetation on the roof stabilizes the indoor temperature.

greendo 1

Looking out from the window, the urban setting of the city is clearly visible.

greendo 2

A small wooden bench has been placed near the terrace so the residents can enjoy the natural therapy by the green plants.

greendo 4

The apartment complex looks over the picturesque scenery, comprising of tall mountains.

greendo 5

Greendo clearly stands out from the other houses on the street due to its unique architectural design.

greendo 7

Images: Courtesy of Keita Nagata Architectural Element

h/t: Design Boom

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