This adventurer has managed to capture butterflies wiping away a turtle’s tears!

In times of hardship and emotional turmoil, we all rely on that one to help us feel better. However, sometimes it is the most unexpected people who come forward to wipe away our tears and hence make up for an equally unanticipated bond of friendship. Entomologist and host of the YouTube channel, “The Jungle Diaries”, Phil Torres recently came up with such a scene while on his adventurous trip to Peruvian Amazon and he captured it instantly. Can you guess this surprising pair of friends that Torres captured? A turtle and butterfly! So absurd, right? Not really. As it turns out, it is quite a common phenomenon in the jungle. Butterflies need sodium in order to grow healthily and unfortunately, it is not easily found in any available food that the butterflies feed on. This is where the saviors come, turtles! The tears of turtles have quite a lot of amount of sodium in them hence butterflies feel no hesitation in wiping them away every time it is possible. Interesting, no?

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Video Courtesy:  The Jungle Diaries

h/t: Colossal

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