These witty illustrations by Nacho Diaz will leave you in chuckles!

While a lot of artists prefer to bring out the seriousness and dark side of the world in their art, Spain based illustrator, Nacho Diaz prefers to work along completely opposite lines. The Spanish artist find humour in every given day-to-day life situations and demonstrates this humour in her illustrations. Check out her work below to witness pure wit in neat and minimalist illustrations.

nacho diaz 11

nacho diaz 3

nacho diaz 9

nacho diaz 12

Nacho Diaz Illustrations 2

Nacho Diaz Illustrations 3

Nacho Diaz Illustrations 4

Nacho Diaz Illustrations 5

nacho diaz 10

Nacho Diaz Illustrations 1

nacho diaz 2

nacho diaz 8

nacho diaz 18

nacho diaz 7

nacho diaz 15

nacho diaz 5

nacho diaz 1

nacho diaz 14

nacho diaz 17

nacho diaz 6

nacho diaz 16

nacho diaz 13


Images: © Nacho Diaz

h/t: Bored Panda

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