These wacky playgrounds will keep the children away from video-games forever

Parks or playgrounds have unfortunately stopped being the go-to place for many kids around the world, thanks to the all the graphically-inviting video games. However, former Denmark based theater set designers Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen can’t seem to get their heads around this devastating reality and hence have rather focused their creative minds to build whacky playgrounds that would grab children’s attentions right away at the first glance. Nielsen and Jensen’s playground company, MONSTRUM has constructed some of the most creative playground ever such as the dragon park or the rocket ship park to name a few. Check out these interesting playgrounds right below!

Train Playground at Odense Railway Museum, Denmark

The Grasshopper in Espergærde, Denmark


Submarine and Sea Monster, Billund, Denmark

The Pond, Westfield, London

The Crashed Hot Air Balloon, Billund, Denmark

The Sperm Whale, Hirtshals, Denmark

Rocket, Billund, Denmark

The Towers of Copenhagen, Denmark

Shark Surfing, Billund, Denmark

The Cargo Ship, Höganäs, Sweden

The Camel and The Swings, Billund, Denmark

The Crooked Houses, Copenhegan, Denmark

The Helicopter, Billund, Denmark

Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Friendly Forest, Billund, Denmark

Linnéparken, Växjö, Sweden

Odense Zoo, Denmark

Cosmos, Russia

The Blue Whale, Gothenburg, Sweden

Children’s Train Station, Odense Denmark

Futuroscope, France

Images: © MONSTRUM

h/t: Insider

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