These stunning maps show the intricate yet beautiful world of textile in India and Pakistan

The Indian subcontinent, made up of India and Pakistan now, has always been the hub of textile industry with intricate embroidery patterns and colourful prints. However, since the textile culture is so rich in this region, you really do need a guiding map to understand the sources of all the different types of embroidery techniques and fabrics that can be found here. Thanks to the brands Craftvilla from India and Generation from Pakistan, anybody can get acquainted with the textile art of the two countries just by glancing at this detailed and frankly, quite exotic and magnificent looking “textile map”.

Craftsvilla shared their narrative behind this creation on their website, “From the array of delicacies to the interesting customs, traditions and festivals we celebrate, every state has its own cultural identity and an essential part of that is the attire of the people.”

India’s textile map by Craftsvilla

textile 6

Image by: Craftsvilla

Pakistan’s textile map by Generation

textile 1

Image by: Generation

Craftsvilla explains history of the fabrics via infographics

textile 3

Image by: Craftsvilla

textile 2

Image by: Craftsvilla

textile 5

Image by: Craftsvilla

textile 4

Image by: Craftsvilla

h/t: Matador

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